( Affiliated to University of Jammu )

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Cultural Events
  • We firmly believe that students must know about the glorious past, way of living, culture and moral values.
  • College organizes cultural events to make students understand cultures and what our ancestors have preserved for us for centuries.

  • College organizes debate competitions to provide students a platform to express their opinions on various day to day issues.
  • It helps them to develop argument skills, self-confidence and builds sense of ownership and empowerment among them.

  • College organizes symposiums to enable students express their viewpoint on various important topics and share their messages, issues and problems regarding the topic and also give topics a meaningful conclusion.
  • Symposiums help the students to become a professional speaker and orator in future.

  • Sports play a vital role in developing physical and mental ability of a person.
  • In this college ample opportunity is offered to the students for participation in different kinds of sports.
  • Enthusiasm is seen among the students when they get selected for national and international games.
  • Proper arrangements have been provided for housing indoor Games as well as for outdoor games.
  • Interested students are trained for the sports of their liking under the guidance/ supervision of Director, Department Physical Education.
  • Students participating in the games are given the benefit of being on duty to a maximum of 30 days.
  • 183 players of our College participated in Inter- College Tournaments/Competitions (Men & Women) held in University of Jammu, Jammu in different games during the academic session 2016-17 and brought laurels to the institution during the academic session as per following detail.

  • NCC provides an opportunity for students to become trained personnel in the Defence Forces of India.
  • The desire of a student to be a Commissioned Officer is fulfilled by the NCC Wing of the college.
  • Infantry and Naval wings of the NCC is always here to inculcate a sense of discipline and leadership qualities
  • Besides working in peace, the cadets also are trained to serve during war-like situations.
  • There is an opportunity for cadets to attend camps both at the national and international level.
  • Multifaceted training is imparted to cadets in these camps.

  • The NSS unit of the college serves as a platform to the students to contribute their services for the nation and humanity under the guidance/ supervision of NSS programme officers.
  • Regular camps at College/ University level are organised to educate students about the complex problems being faced by the less privileged sections of society.
  • The college duly recognizes the voluntary services rendered by the NSS volunteers by awarding them Medals and Certificates for their good performance, having valuable points at the time of Admission to institutes of higher learning or while seeking a job.